Jayem High Production Hydraulic Bar Cutter

  • Smooth cutting motion ensuring the long life of the cutting blade.
  • Handy to operate and control the machine ensuring safety whilst in use.
  • It is a hydraulic system that eliminates greasing and reduces the wearing and tearing of the working parts to a minimum.
  • Since there are no gears and clutches the machine is virtually maintenance-free.
  • The machine incorporates an overload valve, which is designed to operate in case of overload.
  • The machine runs on 3- phase power motor and can be provided with a diesel engine as an alternative.
  • Higher models ‘JVE’ for higher capacities available on request.


Model Tensile Strength No. of Bars


Motor Weight App. App. Diemension (in.cm)
1 2 3
JBS-908 45kg/sq.mm 35mm 25mm 16mm 3HP 220Kg 120x60x80
  45kg/sq.mm 26mm 18mm 12mm      
JBS-998 45kg/sq.mm 45mm 28mm 20mm 5HP 360Kg 135x62x85
  45kg/sq.mm 38mm 25mm 16mm      

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