Reversible / Pan Type Mixers
Long Service Life and Low Operating Cost
Easy to Maintain

Control Panel

  • PLC Based Control Panel
  • All Motors are Protected through Overload Protection/MCB’S
  • Easy to Calibrate Gate Inching Facility for Weighing Accuracy
  • Auto & Manual Operations.


  • Robust and Steady Structure
  • Easy to Erect & Operate
  • Low Maintenance & Running Cost
  • Single Weighing and Conveyor Belt for Faster Output
  • Easy Mobility & Shifting

Batching Plant Standard Supply

  • Compartment Type Aggregate Storage Bins
  • Weighing Bin with Belt Conveyor
  • Cement Screw Conveyor with Hopper
  • PLC Based Control Panel
  • Cement Weighing Hopper
  • Water Dosing System
  • Pneumatic Compressor


Model JH-15 JH-25 JH-30 JH-45
Output batch Capacity in mixer for

reversible/pan type

400 L /275 L 500 L /400 L 600 L /500 L 900 L/750 L
Capacity per hour 15 25 30 45
Weighing System Type Electronic
Load Cell

Load Cell


Load Cell


Load Cell

Mixer HP 7.5/15 10/20 15/30 20/45
Belt conveyor 5/5 7.5/7.5 10/10 15/15
Water Pump HP 1,0.5 1,1 2,1 2,2
Total HP 25/32.5 30/40 40/50 50/65

Note:- Due to continuous improvement in design, the above specifications are subject to change.

Additional information


Concrete batching plants are specialized Construction Equipment and Construction Machinery in India that mix different ingredients to produce concrete. The JH-Series is one of the models of concrete batching plants, which is known for its high productivity, durability, and efficiency. In this content, we will discuss the JH-Series concrete batching plants in more detail.
Our JH-Series concrete batching plants are designed to produce high-quality concrete efficiently and reliably. They are capable of producing a wide range of concrete mix designs and grades, including standard, high-performance, and special types of concrete. The JH-Series plants are available in various configurations, including stationary and mobile plants, to meet different production requirements.
Our JH-Series concrete batching plants consist of several components, including aggregate batching systems, cement and water dosing systems, mixing systems, and control systems. These components work together to ensure that the concrete is produced with the desired consistency, strength, and quality.
The aggregate batching system in our JH-Series plants consists of several hoppers that store and dispense different types of aggregates, such as sand, gravel, and crushed stone. The aggregates are weighed and transferred to the mixer using a conveyor belt or a skip hoist. The cement and water dosing systems are responsible for measuring and dispensing the required amount of cement and water for the concrete mix. The mixing system in the JH-Series plants includes a twin-shaft or planetary mixer, which ensures that the concrete is thoroughly mixed and homogenous.
The control system in our JH-Series plants is a sophisticated computer-based system that monitors and controls all the plant's functions, including material dosing, mixing, and discharge. The control system allows the operator to set different parameters for the concrete mix, such as the mix design, the mixing time, and the discharge time, to produce concrete with the desired properties.
Our JH-Series concrete batching plants have several features that make them ideal for high-volume concrete production. These features include:
1. High productivity: Our JH-Series plants are capable of producing large volumes of concrete, with production rates ranging from 60 to 240 cubic meters per hour.
2. Durability: Our JH-Series plants are designed to withstand harsh operating conditions, such as extreme temperatures, high humidity, and dusty environments.
3. Efficiency: Our JH-Series plants are designed to consume less energy and water than conventional concrete batching plants, reducing operating costs and environmental impact.
4. Customization: Our JH-Series plants can be customized to meet specific production requirements, such as special types of concrete, different mix designs, and various plant configurations.
In conclusion, our JH-Series concrete batching plants are advanced manufacturing machines that are designed to produce high-quality concrete efficiently and reliably. With their high productivity, durability, and efficiency, our Concrete batching plants in Noida, Delhi and Gurugram are ideal for high-volume concrete production in various applications, including construction, infrastructure, and precast concrete manufacturing.

Fuel Type